Therapeutic Five Body Programs

Yoga therapy blends traditional yoga practices, Ayurveda, alternative or complementary medicine, and western medical science to create a personalized and holistic wellness routine. Each Five Body program includes Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching to help heal specific ailments with diet and lifestyle, direct instruction in therapeutic yoga & meditation techniques, and an in-depth daily routine designed to keep you moving toward your goals.

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Is yoga therapy right for me?

  • Your doctor has recommended yoga to help you with a physical injury or illness.

  • You want to see how yoga could help you with your mental and/or emotional health.

  • You want to try yoga but think you can't do yoga because of health conditions or other limitations.

  • You want to take active steps to develop and nurture a healthier relationship with your body, mind, and self.



  1. Improve posture

  2. Improve flexibility, range of motion, and balance

  3. Strengthen and stabilize joints

  4. Reduce pain

  5. Promote emotional stability

  6. Reduce racing thoughts

  7. Reduce overwhelm associated with stress and anxiety

  8. Promote mental clarity and focus

  9. Increase energy & vitality

  10. Get better quality sleep

  11. Learn proper alignment for your body

  12. Develop a more positive relationship with yourself through loving action

  13. Feel confident that your practice won't cause long term damage to your body


Personalize Your Wellness

Create systemic health with a completely customized daily routine designed to help you create the lasting change you want for your life.

We work together to evaluate your current health and wellness, define areas that need attention, and create a plan of action to get you to your wellness goals. Each Five Body Program includes:

  • an in-depth dosha analysis to determine your Ayurvedic constitution and inform your program design to best suit your needs

  • analysis of your current diet, daily routine, and seasonal routine 

  • a 100% personalized daily routine to optimize your health through your every day actions 

  • a custom-designed selection of movement practices, postures, breathing exercises, meditation and introspection

  • access to the FBW Yoga Foundations video series to get you safely started in an independent movement practice


Natural & Holistic

Get expert personalized guidance in applying the right self-help tools for your unique needs

Learning to care for all of your needs can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there, it can be confusing to try and sort through all of it and decide what will work for you. Maybe you can relate to feeling discouraged by relying on trial and error, and never finding the results you're looking for.

Wouldn't it be so much less stressful to work with someone who knows what they're doing? 

Nancy brings over 10 years of experience with natural and holistic medicine to help direct you in your personal healing journey. She specializes in body-based approaches to mental health, specializing in trauma, anxiety, and emotional independence.


Choose Your Program

4 weeks of structured guidance tailored to your needs

Basic Program

Expert Personalized Guidance + Self-Directed Practice

The basic program is best suited for experienced yoga practitioners and/or those who are more comfortable with self-directed practice.

Full Service Program

Support + Structure

The full service program is best suited for those who are new to yoga and/or want more structure and one-on-one guidance in their practice. This program includes everything from the basic program plus live sessions with Nancy.