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Your relationship with your body is intrinsically linked to your wellness. Learn about how your body works and ways you can meet the needs of your body with the techniques of yoga.


Designed to facilitate an inquiry into the wisdom of YOUR body. Every one who practices yoga should be able to discern between discomfort that leads to growth and pain that leads to injury. 

I've been teaching yoga for almost 10 years, and have come across many, many yoga practitioners, both teachers and students, who have experienced injuries because of their practice.

As yoga teachers, we rely on our students to know and honor their own boundaries. But many students don't know if what they're feeling is normal or not. 

I designed this series to teach you the basics of a safe yoga practice and help you build the confidence you need to completely own your practice, to recognize when you've encountered a boundary and to understand the options you have in honoring that boundary, whether it's instructed or not. My goal with this series is to empower you with education about your body so you can create safety within your practice and get the most out of your movement every time you come to the mat.

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Every practitioner of yoga should know the difference between discomfort and pain AND should feel confident enough in the wisdom of their body to modify their practice when necessary.

This series especially benefits those with hypermobile or unstable joints, poor posture, tight or stiff muscles, overly flexible muscles, pain after yoga practice, old injuries, muscle weakness, difficulty in postures that should be resting postures, and yoga teachers who work with students who report the above issues.

All ability and experience levels welcome - beginner, intermediate, advanced


100% Online & Self-Paced

✓ In-depth videos teach you how to find safe alignment for your unique body during your movement practice. Each video includes education about how your body works, tips on how to use props to enhance your posture, and explores proactive ways to avoid the most common yoga injuries.

✓ Learn what common cues in yoga class mean so that you don't have to look around to see what everyone else is doing when the teacher tells you to breathe through your feet

✓ Get acquainted with the names of poses in English and Sanskrit

✓ Learn basic breathing techniques commonly used in yoga classes

✓ Gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to own your yoga practice and honor the boundaries of your body every time you come to the mat

Learn basic Ayurvedic modifications based on your constitution - how to personalize any yoga class to suit your needs

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Yoga Foundations Glossary

An ever-expanding resource for fostering safety, empowerment, and independence in yoga practice.

Each video is sold separately so that you can take what you need and leave the rest.


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