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The Wellness Professionals Workbook

Sustainable Marketing Strategies

If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t go into the healing arts because you love marketing. With the entire health & wellness industry having to scramble to adapt this year, I see so many wellness professionals swimming in the deep end of overwhelm as they try to navigate the world of online marketing.

For the last decade, I’ve been studying marketing trends in the wellness world. Informed with a background in business psychology and behavioral analysis, I wanted to create a resource for my colleagues that was more thorough and educational than other workbooks out there.

I compiled pages from my own notebook to create a structured guide for wellness professionals to learn more about strategic marketing and to help you organize & optimize your energy investment.

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The Wellness Professionals Workbook

Strategize & Optimize


Campaign Marketing

How many hours does it feel like you’ve spent preparing well-thought-out posts for social media, only to have it reach like 10 people? Have you ever felt burnt out because of it? Has it ever robbed you of some of your enthusiasm for sharing your work?

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? You don’t have to be a social media influencer to effectively reach your audience online. I created this in-depth workbook to show you how.

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A step by step guide to strategically reach your audience online


What's included?

Over 30 pages of education and exercises designed to help you vision your wellness offerings in both an engaging and sustainable way


Deciding what to charge for your service or event is not just random. There is a strategy to pricing that keeps your services or event accessible while also remaining sustainable for you and your bottom line.


Learn about different types of ads, how to speak to the motivation of your audience, keep them engaged with your message, and get valuable practice with an abundance of writing prompts inspired by business psychology & behaviorism.


Social media shouldn’t rule your life. Strike a work-life balance that helps you avoid burnout and do what you do with more joy. Work with this detailed blueprint to create your own roadmap and see where it takes you!


Printable workbook pages to help you:

  • price your wellness offering to be accessible AND sustainable.

  • create streamlined and engaging ads that guide user experience.

  • structure your efforts to maximize your time & energy investment.

  • keep your team organized with one sheets.


The Wellness Professionals Workbook


What people are saying

“Great! I wish I had something like this years ago when I started teaching. And thanks for making it printable, my eyes are so tired of looking at screens…”

“I liked the psychology perspective. I haven’t found that in other DIY marketing programs. Very helpful!”

“The Wellness Professionals Workbook is packed! Not only does it have a bunch of writing exercises but I also learned a lot about my clientele. I especially like the bit about motivation types. It’s refreshing to find a resource I can work through in my own time, is affordable, and helps me organize my larger projects.”

Download and use again and again to structure all your future marketing campaigns!

Use the worksheets to help get your team on the same page for your next project.

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It starts with intention.

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