Vseat by Nancy Cooke


Yoni Steamer


Balancing  pH & supporting vaginal health naturally

Yoni Steaming ✓ Natural
Knotted Pine ✓ Natural
Beeswax ✓ Natural

Nancy Cooke

I created the VSEAT because I wanted a full front to back steam without having to squish my lady parts into a wooden hole. Squatting for 15-30 minutes is also hard on my joints, so I wanted a supported steam without having to break the bank on expensive stools and boxes. I make each VSEAT myself and I also make the waterproofing wax it's sealed with to provide a totally natural throne for your V.

Nancy Cooke

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Designed to facilitate the blooming of your flower for a full front to back steam experience without so much squatting

✓ Fits standard 5 gallon bucket
✓ Weight tested up to 175 lbs

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Each VSEAT is made to order and can be customized to accommodate most booty sizes

✓ Your purchase supports women in woodworking


How to use the VSEAT

To yoni steam with the VSEAT, you will need a 5 gallon bucket and a 2.5 quart or larger microwave safe glass bowl. Ensure your bucket is food grade (look for recycle numbers 1, 2, or 5 on bottom of bucket). Place the glass bowl in the bucket and pour steaming water into bowl. Place VSEAT on top of bucket like a lid. Grab your blanket or towel to wrap around your waist and take a wide legged seat!
*Never yoni steam with hot water that is placed directly into a plastic container*

Do you need a cushion?

The VSEAT is made of wood, so it will feel like sitting on a hard surface for 15-30 minutes, but I find the blooming support comes from having contact with the wood. You could use a rolled up towel and make a little semi circle to act as a cushion. Donut shaped cushions are not advised with this design.

How to sanitize it after use?

The VSEAT is coated in a thick layer of wax that causes moisture to wick away from the wood and prevents absorption of bacteria into the porous wood surface. You can simply spray your seat with a gentle natural disinfectant and reapply the beeswax as needed.