Holistic therapy and holistic medicine is founded on the value of considering the whole system of the human being, not just the body or just the mind, but the whole person with all of their experiences, perceptions, and abilities. Five Body Wellness refers to the five koshas or layers of the individual:

  1. Is your body healthy? 

  2. Do you have enough energy for your day?

  3. What repetitive thoughts do you have?

  4. Do strong emotions ever disrupt your life?

  5. How does your spirituality uplift you? 

When we want to restore wellness holistically, we look at how the different layers of our being may be interacting with one another to perpetuate discomfort and find solutions that address imbalance within and among all layers.

At FBW, we love to empower our clients with accessible, natural, evidence-based therapeutic techniques that can be used in every day life to actively maintain your wellness goals.




Personalized Programs

Yoga therapy helps you connect with your center. Now, that may sound esoteric and ambiguous, but it has very measurable effects on the human body and mind that translate to an improved quality of life.
Yoga therapy programs are designed to teach you natural tools that help you feel more in control of stress, anxiety, anger, and will give you more confidence in your ability to manage and overcome the inevitable hardships of life.


Reiki Treatment

Are you feeling overwhelmed, drained, or having trouble relaxing? Reiki is a form of energy therapy in which the practitioner channels energy to release blockages and restore balance to the energetic system.
During a reiki treatment, many clients report feeling deeply relaxed and may even doze off to sleep for a few moments. After the treatment is complete, they report feeling a sense of renewal and inner calm.


"Nancy is an amazing yoga instructor who meets you wherever you are. In my sessions with her, everything was individualized for my physical needs. She had me in poses I never imagined I could reach!"

Private Client




8 Week Program

The OAnx clinic is an eight week program designed for those who suffer from anxiety; GAD, Panic Disorder, PTSD. Combining educational materials and guided practices, participants leave with an evidence-based toolbox to overcome anxiety naturally and holistically.


Monthly sound healing class

Enter into a space free of thought and experience deep relaxation. Gong meditation is a form of both meditation and sound healing. The gong is a master at bringing us into a deep state of relaxation, activating theta brain waves that prompt the body to restore itself on a cellular level.


Excellent teacher

"I have been to several of Nancy's meditation and yoga classes. She provides a wonderful experience, explaining the meaning behind everything she has us doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone, novice or expert. I always leave her class feeling relaxed and at peace."

Class Participant



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