The full-service online program includes

  • a consultation and evaluation appointment with Nancy via video conference to discuss your goals and establish your baseline*
  • a custom designed FIVE BODY program with detailed instructions for movement, breathwork, and meditation practices, as well as Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations, daily/weekly routines designed to cover your menu selections, and tracking charts to help you keep a record of what's working and what's not
  • 4 hours of one on on instruction with Nancy
  • access to Nancy's Yoga Foundations video series



If you feel like you need extra support putting your program into practice, you can add on live online instruction for $20 per session.


*The consultation includes an in-depth Ayurvedic assessment and analysis. You'll be given a questionnaire that will help me determine your dosha, and then we will discuss any imbalances you're experiencing and want to address through your program. We will also do a movement assessment to see where your physical starting point is so that I can safely design a FIVE BODY program for your unique needs. Together, we will review the menu and select the practices you're most interested in so I can further personalize your program to best serve you. 

Full-Service FBW Program

  • Once you purchase your program, keep an eye on your inbox because we will be emailing you to schedule your consultation. After your consultation, it takes 2 - 7 days for Nancy to design your custom program. When your program is complete, you'll get an email to access the first week's materials electronically, either through google drive or dropbox. Subsequent weeks will be sent out on Sundays.

  • Because you will gain immediate access to the Yoga Foundations videos, we are unable to offer refunds once yoga therapy programs have been purchased.