I was on a trip in La Paz, Bolivia and wandering around looking for a decent chocolate. I stumbled into this tiny shop with a woman sewing inside. The person I was with wanted to get his shoes repaired, so while he was hiring her services, I took a look around and discovered these leg warmers. She told me they are alpalca wool and offered me a few pairs for a good price. She had made them herself, and while I didn't need so many, I gave in.


Now her love can warm your ankles too. I don't pull mine all the way up, so they're basically like socks without toes. Perfect for wearing socks with sandles!



Peppercorn (pictures 1 & 2)

Black (picture 3)

Beige Wave (picture 4)

Beige (picture 5)


Leg Warmers

  • Hand wash in cool water with gentle detergent or specialty wool detergent. Lay flat to dry. 

  • No returns