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What's in a FIVE BODY program?


Health = Balance

Health is personal and is dependent on so many interrelated aspects of our lives. There are many perspectives about what you should do to get/stay healthy, but are any of them made FOR YOU with all your nuances considered? Five Body Wellness is all about finding the simplest recipe to your unique wellness, because you shouldn't have to be a wellness professional in order to be well. A simple wellness recipe is practical, manageable, effective, and designed just for you.

A personalized program will evaluate five basic areas of your life and your health: health goals, physical, subtle/social, mental/emotional, daily decisions/routines. 


Physical Health

Addressing your physical health is a big task and requires an interdisciplinary team. In your FIVE BODY program, we start with the basics and look at what YOU can do to bring more balance to your physical health. Together we'll evaluate and address your:

  • Diet

  • Digestive Health

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Posture & Joint Health

  • Areas of Pain, Injury, or Illness


Energetic Health & Hygiene

A healthy energy body is well balanced and flowing. Our energy body achieves optimum health when all of our bodies are operating harmoniously. In order to restore health to your energy body, we'll evaluate and address your:

  • Daily Rhythms & Routines

  • Nervous System Health

  • Chronic Unexplained Physical Complaints

  • Social Patterns


Mental/Emotional Health

Our thoughts create our perceptual reality. In that way, your mental health and your ability to process emotions is integral in creating a healthy lifestyle. In order to bring balance to your psycho-emotional body, we'll evaluate and address your:

  • Daily Routine

  • Sleep Health

  • Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Thought & Speaking Patterns

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Wisdom & Bliss

In the pancha maya kosha model of wellness, our wisdom body is what gives us the faculties of discernment, to make choices that promote the health of all of our other bodies. I think of the wisdom body like the doorway by which we access our bliss. In your FIVE BODY program, we address your wisdom body by evaluating your:

  • Daily Self-Awareness

  • Decision Making Process

  • Alignment of Beliefs/Values & Actions


Personalize Your Wellness

Create systemic health with a completely customized daily routine designed to help you create the lasting change you want for your life.


Basic Program

Expert Personalized Guidance + Independent Application


  • FIVE BODY evaluation to determine your areas of imbalance 

  • Ayurvedic diagnostics to prescribe appropriate counter-practices for restoring balance

  • a series of personalized all-natural wellness practices to be integrated gradually

  • 4 weeks of prescribed daily wellness routine to help you create a foundation for achieving your wellness goals

  • Add on a one-hour live session (online only) with Nancy for $20 

Full Service Program

Support + Structure

This program includes everything from the basic program plus live sessions with Nancy to learn wellness techniques that are new to you.