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Teacher Recommendations

Teacher has always been a really important person in my life, especially in the development of self-esteem.

In school and often in life, we don’t have much of a choice in who our teachers are. Studying yoga showed me the importance of being selective about my teachers when I’m able. All education is indoctrination, so I am careful about what I indoctrinate myself with. First, I need to trust that my teacher has my best interest in mind and isn’t serving some other intention. Then, I need to trust that my teacher knows their stuff.

These are some teachers I recommend. Some I have studied with myself, some I have yet to officially study with, but all of them are people I’ve been observing for years and very much appreciate what they’ve brought into my life:

Genevieve Yellin was my first real yoga TEACHER (on the far right in photo above). She provided financial assistance for me to take my first steps in studying yoga, and that changed the entire course of my life. She is the founder of Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy and the Overcome! Anxiety Program.

Caroline McCarter was one of my teachers in my 200 hour yoga therapy training. She was the one who got me hankering after the nectar of TRADITIONAL yoga. She was the first teacher to introduce me to chanting and Sanskrit pronunciation. She specializes in yoga therapy for people with eating disorders.

Libby Bailey-Cox was another one of my teachers in my 200hr training. It was when I met Libby that I decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher trainer some day. She is also from PA, like me, and she was the one that gave me hope that I could actualize my dreams.

Melissa Martinez was a part of my 200hr kula (we’re seated next to each other in the photo below). She showed me kindness that I felt undeserving of and even opened her home to me so I could continue my studies in TX. She has pioneered bringing Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy to Mexico, + making this work available to the Latin American community in the US by translating it all into Spanish. She is a woman and teacher I continually look up to.

Raylen Williams is a teacher I met when taking my Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Essentials course. She holds such a grounded space, and listened to my body with such great detail. I cried like a baby when it was time to say goodbye to her. 😂 She is based in Milton, DE and offers private sessions.

A.G. Mohan & Indra Mohan are traditional yoga & Ayurveda teachers based in India. I learned about them from my teacher, Caroline McCarter, and have been following them on Facebook for nearly a decade. They offer many courses online now too. I recommend taking advantage of the opportunity while you can!

Govind Radhakrishnan is a teacher I just stumbled upon on Facebook. I’ve been following him for years and attending his virtual meditations and talks. He struck me because of the light that emanates out of his face. You can’t fake that type of purity and effulgence.

Kaya Mindlin is another teacher I stumbled upon on Facebook. She makes videos teaching proper Sanskrit pronunciation, and offers online courses in authentic yoga that is digestible for the western mind. She has a very compassionate and heart centered approach.

Pema Chödrön speaks directly to my sorrowful heart. She is a Buddhist nun, not a yoga teacher, but I had to include her. Her insights are like a breath of fresh air every single time I interact with them. One of my favorite teachers of all time. She’s my idol.

I hope that you check some of these teachers out. They have dedicated their lives to yoga and I think you can trust them. I know I do.

May this resource serve you well 🙏🏻

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