• Nancy Cooke

Posture Tips: Banana Back

As I creep deeper into my 30s, I’m starting to feel the effects of practicing asana with poor alignment. For many years I sat and stood with a banana back, and now I can feel the pain that habitual spinal compression causes.

In this video I offer a super simple adjustment for correcting the banana back we often see in flexible, hypermobile and young bodies.

Excuse my head being cut off in the demonstration portion of the video 😂 the wire for my microphone is only so long..

Hypermobility is never something I knew about until I started studying yoga therapy. I was in my 200hr teacher training and a senior teacher was giving an asana lab on alignment. Her background was in Anusara. She walks over to me standing in tadasana and taps the pit of my knee. A microbend comes into my knee and my quads engage. "It feels like you're bending your knee now, doesn't it?" She looked up at me and smiled. "Well yeah, aren't I bending my knee?" She took a picture of my knee and showed me no, I was not bending my knee.

She taught me about hypermobility and showed me how to identify it in my body, not just visually, but experientially. I have hypermobile knees that revert to hyperextension when resting. In weight bearing poses, this can cause joint degradation over time. I've always had "bad knees," even as a young child. And no one ever told me why until I met a yoga teacher who knew her stuff.

Ever since then, alignment has become a big part of my personal movement, not just on the mat but in every day life. Rehabilitating my posture and my movement patterns is something I can do on a moment to moment basis.

My therapeutic programs are designed to set you up with proper alignment as a foundation. Because I want you to experience the life-changing moment I had with the tap of my knee. Learn more about the benefits of a personalized therapeutic program.

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