• Nancy Cooke

Why doesn't meditation help me relax?

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist explains why common yoga practices don't always have the intended effect, especially for people living with chronic anxiety, PTSD, and other forms of disordered stress.

One of the first questions I ask in the Overcome Anxiety Clinic is what other remedies have you tried? Many people, if not most, reply that they've tried a bunch of different things and nothing has really worked for them.

I personally enjoy offering the clinic for many reasons. I can work with each individual to personalize their experience with the techniques, help them fine tune exactly what's not working, and ultimately help them find a recipe of self-care that actually works for them. It's a sweet affirmation to hear a participant tell me they've been able to stop panic attacks in their tracks after starting the clinic...because I know just how much that means.

Anxiety can totally derail your life. Trauma isn't just an emotional experience, but a neuro-physiological one as well. Our body responds to trauma just as much as our mind does. Being able to regain a sense of control over your moment to moment to experience is life-changing empowerment. Facilitating that in others is an honor I can't really put to words. For me, it's spiritually fulfilling.

That's why I'm committed to keeping this work accessible and doing it as often as I can.

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