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Nourish your foundation


Follow the rhythms of nature

Nature has wisdom. When we watch her, she shares her mystery. At this very moment, the seeds that fell last year are there in the ground, itching to move. Soon, their shells will crack and a tiny little stem will start to reach up toward the warmth of the topsoil until it emerges triumphantly to feel it's first rays of sun.

We're not so different from the plants and animals. Spring is a new beginning for us too. 

Synchronizing with the seasons helps you understand the gifts each one has and how following the rhythms of nature creates more ease in your life. As the last days of winter teeter on the first days of spring, you might notice your body itching to get outside, to move, to emerge from hibernation.

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Wellness begins
with a rooted


Your spine is the very foundation of your being, not just for your physical body, but your energy and thoughts/emotions as well. Addressing spinal wellness helps you improve your posture, which shifts the subtle energy you bring to your embodied experience, which shifts the thoughts and emotions you have.

The Spring Spinal Series is designed to give you tools for evaluating your own spinal wellness, creating a plan of action customized to your misalignments, and learning how to rehabilitate poor posture and all that comes with it through your daily movements.

Yoga Pose

Does your spine need attention?


  • addresses and corrects back pain

  • improves posture

  • reduces strain on knees, hips, and neck

  • helps prevent long-term joint damage caused by poor posture

  • helps to regulate the nervous system

  • reduces muscle tension and tension headaches

  • builds confidence and self-esteem

  • improves blood-oxygen levels

  • stimulates memory and creativity

  • basically, it makes you feel good!

Online Yoga

Emerge at
your own pace

100% Online. Learn in whatever free time you can find.



Start from the ground up


Laying Well

Explore how to find healthy alignment while laying down. We focus on posture for laying on:

  • your back

  • your side

  • your belly

  • on the floor

  • on the bed

Sitting Well

Explore how to find healthy alignment while seated. We focus on posture for sitting on:

  • the floor

  • a chair

  • and correcting common mistakes and patterns that contribute to pain

Standing Well

Explore how to find healthy alignment while standing. We focus on standing posture by:

  • exploring habitual holding and movement patterns that contribute to chronic misalignment

  • healthy full-body alignment

  • creating balance in the muscles and joints to optimize spinal wellness

Online Fitness Class

2 practice videos
& 12 break-down videos

Breakdown videos help you find healthy alignment for your unique body in supine, seated, and standing postures. These videos help you fine tune the way your hold your body in your every day life. Practice videos guide you through a full-body spinal flow sequence and breathing exercise to help you rehabilitate your posture through practice.

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50+ page workbook

Embody & Integrate. The Spring Spinal Series offers more than a movement experience. The program is designed to facilitate self-reflection, to help you integrate the tools from practice into your everyday life.


self care
starts with

"We can know what we need to do to feel better, but until that knowledge can deliver that deep knowing we experience through the body, it doesn't do us much good."


The workbook teaches you about the parts of your body that are involved in your posture, because understanding the why of your needs helps you meet them more effectively.

There are also journaling prompts to guide you through exploring the more subtle aspects of your posture and how the systemic nature of your spinal wellness influences your lived experience in every day life.​

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Create lasting change

The benefits of taking time to inquire inward far exceed improved posture. When you stand tall, you move with more ease throughout your day. You feel more capable in maneuvering the challenges of life. Most importantly, you feel empowered in your self-care. When you are centered in yourself, you know that you are safe.


What You Get

3 core posture breakdown videos

9 transitional posture breakdown videos

1 full body spinal release practice video

1 vocal breathing practice video

Educational e-book with 25+ printable workbook pages and prompts

at home techniques for spinal wellness

24 hour access to class content

how to use props to support and correct your posture


Before & After

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Scholarships Available

Need-based scholarships are available to those who wouldn't otherwise be able to join the series. To apply for a scholarship, fill out the form below and Nancy will email you with more info.

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