Meditation Tools for Healing the Inner Child


Turn to the east, the direction of rebirth. It's soft rays reveal the way of innocence leading us back to our divine nature. The inner child is our living compass in the way of innocence; to heal her is to reclaim our story and right to rebirth. Informed with depth psychology and extensive training in navigating the subconscious with meditation, The Rite of Innocence offers a comprehensive discussion on the inner child and how she is an active part of our lived experience + guides you in reconnecting with and nurturing the inner child, restoring her to her throne in the East, with natural & holistic self care practices.



Become the hero of your own story with personal mythwork exercises. Find her small voice as she speaks through you. Feel the worthiness of your needs. Find empowerment in self care.


Facilitated introspection with journaling prompts to help you see your blind spots. What needs are your thoughts & feelings begging you to feed? How can you honor your most tender longing?


Initiate a conversation with the subconscious. Listen & respond to her desperate pleas for acknowledgment and love. Lay the secrets of the past to rest. Nurture the present moment.



Inner child work is an opportunity for deep self care, tending to the garden of our most vulnerable and shy needs. It's time to initiate ourselves back into innocence so that we may reconnect with our disguised desires, our tender longing, and sacred vulnerability. It's time to return to the throne of ourselves. Be empowered in our self care and in our ability to truly love ourselves. Rise above all the stories that tell us we're not a priority. It's time to reclaim the power that our wounding took from us. Reclaim our voice.
Reclaim our RITE to be cared for, loved, healthy, and free.



Awaken her wonder. Embody her awe. Be the fertile ground of her blooming. Speak the language of symbols. Nourish the power of her voice. Invite her to help you remember the beauty of your uncensored self expression.


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