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All proceeds go toward the FBW scholarship fund, a passion project designed to keep wellness accessible.

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Accessibility & Inclusivity Initiative

In 2019, Nancy launched the FBW Scholarship Fund, a passion project dedicated to keeping natural wellness accessible. The scholarship fund provides need-based scholarships for the Overcome Anxiety Clinic, an online program for those living with PTSD and anxiety, as well as private therapeutic programs with Nancy.

The fund is made possible by the support of our community. Here is how you can contribute to the initiative:



Nancy's events have tiered pricing. The sponsor ticket is an option for people who want to attend the event and also want to donate to offset the cost for someone else. Sponsor tickets include an automatic donation in the price.


Has Nancy's work impacted you? Feeling inspired to give back? You can donate any amount you like via PayPal or Venmo. All donations go directly toward the FBW Scholarship Fund.


Thrifting for Wellness is another passion project developed by Nancy. Marrying her enjoyment for unique finds and her commitment to financial accessibility, she donates all proceeds from the boutique to the scholarship fund. Your purchases not only save stuff from going into landfills, they support accessibility in wellness and you on your wellness journey!

Clear Out

Have items you'd like to donate? Nancy favors items made of natural materials. She refurbishes small pieces of wooden furniture, collects natural materials, sacred objects, and miscellaneous wellness items. See below for a list of items she seeks out.


To donate directly to our scholarship fund, use either the Venmo or Paypal button to contribute any amount you like and be sure to include "scholarship donation" in the notes section. All donations are anonymous. Your name will not be shared with anyone except our account holder.

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Donate Your Unused Stuff

If you have something to donate, let me know and I'll see if I have space for it!

These are some things I'm almost always open to:

  • Small pieces of wooden or rattan furniture (stools, night stands, ottomans, chairs)

  • Natural materials (cotton, linen, hemp, silk bamboo)

  • Bohemian clothing (scarves, tops, skirts, dresses)

  • Curtains & Sheets (neutrals and earth tones)

  • Religious artifacts

  • Miscellaneous wellness items

  • Small pots for plants (and plant babies if you have some!)

  • Twine (natural fibers, no plastic)

  • Costume jewelry or pendant beads

  • String lights (that work)

  • Fancy picture frames or stock art

  • Building materials (pallet wood, extra building material, etc. as long as it's not in too rough shape)


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