Embodying the Fire Tender

The fire priestess, through her devoted relationship with the powerful element of fire, is an agent of transformation in her world and the lives of all those she touches. The fire tenders are called gate-keepers because once we pass through the sacred fire, we come out fundamentally different on the other side.



Vedic Fire Ceremony

Fire is the element of alchemy, cleansing, and release. Agnihotra is a specific type of ritual fire ceremony that originates in India, and helps us synchronize with the circadian rhythms, cleanse our inner and outer world, and develop a more spiritual relationship with the elements.



Agnihotra is different from other types of fire ceremony, as it is intimately related to the sun. In Ayurveda, the sun is viewed as a source of life, providing the natural world with the prana it needs to grow and thrive. The sun is so powerful, it knows no bounds in shedding light on the darkness. We perform Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset, which helps synchronize our bodies and minds with the natural rhythms of day/night as well as the seasons. Synchronizing with the sun improves the immune system, gives us more energy, and helps us reconnect with the natural world in a visceral way.

Agnihotra is a devotional practice that helps us clear and cleanse energy within ourselves, and within the natural world. The shape and material of the fire pit acts as a conduit, sending the healing energy up to one mile. Studies have demonstrated Agnihotra's ability to cleanse the atmosphere and soil of radioactivity, and the ash is commonly used in Homa Therapy (a natural process of rehabilitating devastated land).

When performing Agnihotra, we use dried cow dung, a plentiful and renewable resource, instead of wood which leaves behind a sweet aroma rather than a harmful lingering smoke. This allows us to practice inside or outside, and carries no contra-indications for pregnancy or asthma.



Level 1

The Fire Ceremony initiation is a formal introduction to fire, and offers a foundation for building a life long relationship with this sacred element. The course includes instruction on how to practice the ritual of Agnihotra, as well as guided practice of the associated Sanskrit mantras.

In this workshop you will:

  • participate in a group fire ceremony led by Nancy

  • learn about the qualities of fire and how to receive the teachings of fire through ceremony

  • learn the rituals of Ayurvedic fire ceremony & practice the art of Agnihotra

  • experience the power of mantra & learn to chant sacred fire mantras

  • learn about the history & healing applications of Agnihotra, including Homa Therapy, and medicinal uses of the ash

Online course COMING SOON


Level 2

The Priestess Path builds upon the teachings from the fire ceremony initiation and offers the opportunity for applying these principles and practices to deeper work, both in your own life and learning to facilitate it for others. As an agent of transformation, the Fire Priestess has a unique perspective on the shadow and how to bring healing to those rejected aspects of the self.

Th Priestess Path includes:

  • The Fundamentals of Priestesshood

  • Enacting the Art of Alchemy

  • Shadow Work & the Fire Priestess

  • Svadhyaya for Transformational Change

  • Ego Mastery Techniques


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