Nancy Cooke

Mental Health Advocate + Peer Support Specialist

Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist & Professional TIYT Clinical Facilitator


Natural & Holistic approaches to wellness specializing in mental health & emotional independence

Accessible & Self-Directed healing that works for you, regardless of ability level, physical limitations, or financial situation

Therapeutic & Person-Centered methodology meets you where you are and helps you reach + maintain your unique wellness goals

Evidence-Based & Educational resources that teach you life-long tools for self-regulation and personal empowerment


Classes Available Online

Online Yoga

Overcome Anxiety Clinic

8 Week Online Program

You CAN overcome the overwhelming feelings and sensations that come with anxiety. Designed for those who experience anxiety, whether situational or long-term/chronic, the Overcome! program threads together neuroscience, body-based (somatic) approaches to mental health, mindfulness practices, and simple lifestyle changes to provide you with an evidence-based protocol that will help you take back control of your lived experience.


"I have been to several of Nancy's meditation and yoga classes. She provides a wonderful experience, explaining the meaning behind everything she has us doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone, novice or expert. I always leave her class feeling relaxed and at peace."

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Special Projects

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Accessibility & Inclusivity Initiative

My Commitment to Making Wellness Inclusive

The Initiative is a multi-pronged project. I created an online boutique with upcycled and thrifted items to support your wellness journey. Some items I make, some I find. All of the proceeds from the boutique are donated to the FBW Scholarship Fund, a passion project designed to keep wellness accessible. 

In addition to providing scholarships for people who work with me, I also teach other wellness professionals how to sustainably build financial accessibility into their business models. Because together we can disrupt the cycle that keeps natural & holistic healing exclusionary.

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Therapeutic Programs

Holistic wellness evaluation & personalized five body program
Pricing Varies

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Energy Therapy

Resolving emotional stagnation and breaking through blockages


"Nancy is an amazing yoga instructor who meets you wherever you are. In my sessions with her, everything was individualized for my physical needs. She had me in poses I never imagined I could reach!"

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